Welcome to Zeal’s first blog! I am delighted to officially launch my business Zeal which specialises in HR Consultancy and Co Sec support but also offers minute taking services and general business support – particularly to small (but expanding!) and start up businesses.

So why is the business called Zeal and why did I start it?

Deciding what to call your own business is a bit like trying to decide what to call your child.. you want it to mean something, to sound good but also be reflective of who they are and who they might become. (so no pressure then future parents and aspiring business owners)! The obvious thing would have been to include ‘HR’ in the name of the business but I knew in time that I wanted the business to become much more than this, and in the first instance I would also be offering company secretarial support so that didn’t work. Then I was clearing out my house and found an old key ring that my mum had gotten me when I was younger – you know the ones with the name and the definition on it that you get in holiday gift shops.

She said she wouldn’t normally buy generic things like that but she thought it summed me up perfectly that she had to buy it. It said something along the lines of ‘Julia is passionate and enthusiastic, a conscientious hard worker who will continue long after others have given up’ which to be fair was a reasonably good assessment of a studious if not somewhat geeky 9 year old which still rings true today. This led me into a rabbit hole of pouring through my ‘memories box’ where I keep these sorts of trinkets alongside letters from my Grandma and extremely embarrassing teenage diaries (the less said about them the better..!)

In this box, I also found an old school report which reads something like this… ‘Julia has a sunny disposition, she is a dedicated student and undertakes all tasks given with dedication and zeal..’ cue a quick check of the dictionary and alas my business was named;

Zeal: great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective’

The objective – expert, professional and meaningly support to help our clients (partners) develop and grow their own businesses

How we do it? With energy and enthusiasm.

Having been an HR Consultant previously, I found it such a rewarding and fascinating job and knew that it was something that I would eventually come back to when the time was right.