Minute taking is an essential part of a Company’s record keeping and is at the core of good governance. To most people minute taking is an arduous task, however at Zeal it is something that we actually enjoy and feel that we can provide businesses with a valuable additional resource. By outsourcing this function you will ensure and be confident that meetings are well documented, actions allocated, agendas prepared and circulated and that your board records are well maintained. 

We feel that minute taking really adds value to the other services that we offer as it helps us fully understand your business at the highest level. That said, we do of course offer minute taking as a stand alone service for those who simply do not have the resource or inclination to do it in-house. 

We aim to turn around minutes within 24 hours of the meeting! 

Quick Turn-Around

We aim to turn around minutes within 24 hours of the meeting!

Stand Alone Service

We offer minute taking as part of other services or as as a stand alone service.

Supporting the Board

By outsourcing your minute taking you will enable all of those attending to fully participate in the meeting.