What’s next for Zeal? 

We are well into the New Year and it has certainly been a very busy start to 2022 at Zeal, the first blog of the year is about the potential next steps for Zeal as a business. 

I cannot believe I am nearly a year into running my own business. It has been an amazing and exciting time and as the business is doing so well it is time to contemplate next steps. I have a great client base and as with any business the amount of work varies from day to day. Some days it is 9am-5pm other days it 8am-10pm (and weekends) and it is this that has led me to wonder if I am at a turning point in the business.  

I have written an earlier blog about the importance of getting things right first time and setting the business up to grow which is why I outsourced my accounts and admin tasks very early. Shortly after that, I was also put in touch with a fantastic Virtual Assistant who has been a great help to me on larger client projects. Outsourcing in this way has been vital to Zeal’s ongoing success and has ensured that I have the support to provide the best possible service to my clients in a timely and efficient manner. However, as I am retaining all of my existing clients, with no shortage of new enquiries, this has led me to think whether a more permanent and in-house pair of hands is needed or do I get support by outsourcing further? 

I have been spending a lot of time considering the question ‘to hire or not to hire’ which has in fact brought about more questions than answers; 

  • What do I want the business to develop into? 
  • When is it time to grow?  
  • When does the point come where I need to employ an assistant or administrator, or do I outsource further?  
  • What am I trying to achieve with the business? 
  • Do I want it to be me and my outsourced team offering excellent HR and Co Sec services to a core client base or do I want it to grow beyond me? 

Hiring an employee 

I know taking the step of employing someone would mean the workload would be lessened, however being in HR means that I know very well the advantages and disadvantages of having your own staff rather than outsourcing. A good proportion of time working in HR has shown me that managing staff is difficult and the role would be so unique that it will take just the right person with the skills, experience and determination to work in such a multi-skilled, dynamic and autonomous role.  Even the best staff require support which takes a lot of time, effort and commitment on both sides but on the other hand, I’ve work with so many amazing people it would be nice to expand the Zeal name and have some Zeal colleagues!  

Outsource further 

Another option for the business is to outsource some of the work. Outsourcing can be a great way of having support when it’s required and in particular during really busy periods. Having outsourced some work already I can really see the benefits of going down this route. I feel I could outsource some of the work whilst remaining the main point of contact for my clients (which as you’ll read below is important to me), so potentially this could be the next step. The key to outsourcing is finding the right people to do it, meeting people, speaking to them online really gives you a good idea as to what they are like and if you could have a good working relationship with them. 

Client Relationships 

One of the wonderful things about Zeal is that I know each and every one of my clients and many of their employees. The relationship between me and my clients are ones where we can speak openly and honestly with mutual respect for one another. It is really important to me that if I were to take on an employee (who would obviously have to provide and deliver the same excellent HR and Co-Sec support which are expected from Zeal) maintaining these relationships with all clients would be a priority.  

I do have extremely high standards and this is one of the core values that underpin Zeal as a business. I want our clients to be confident that whatever support we are providing is the best it can be, and this would require me to fully trust the person I employ to be able to deliver this! Also, there is a real skill shortage in the Isle of Man so actually finding someone would be difficult in itself. 

After writing this I realise that this month’s blog posts more questions than answers. However, if you know of a super efficient, organised and professional HR Admin, Admin Assistant then please let me know!