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At Zeal we offer outsourced Human Resource, Company Secretarial, Business Support and Minute Taking Services. We partner with a range of businesses in different sectors to help them with their business needs. We have clients who use our Human Resource Support services on an outsourced basis for ad hoc advice and support and clients where we manage the whole Human Resource function. Other clients want us to provide support and structure to their board through our Company Secretarial and Minute Taking Services. We are project driven and our aim is to help clients address their issues, create efficiencies and help their businesses grow. 

We multi skill to add value across a range of business functions, tailoring the support and level of support given to the needs of your business. 

Julia Featherstone
Managing Director


Julia is a Chartered Member of The Chartered Institute of Professional Development and has worked with a range of companies to provide bespoke Human Resource documentationadvice and support. She is a qualified Company Secretary and Secretary for the Isle of Man Branch of the Chartered Governance Institute. 

When Julia started Zeal, she wanted to create a company which represents who she is. Although Human Resource and board matters can be very complex, Julia develops positive relationships with her clients and tries to simplify these complex matters. This is achieved by supporting, training and developing the businesses leaving them better equipped to deal with situations as they arise. Human Resource is about people and for a business to thrive people need to be happy and feel supported. When management have clear guidance, this can easily be achieved. 

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Aims & Values

  • Positive Relationships – in order to gain the best from each other we believe in positive relationships. We like you to get to know us and we like to get to know you so that we are both on the same path and can talk to each other open and honestly. 
  • Dedication – we are high energy and dedicated to what we do and will do all we possibly can to support you and your business. 
  • Professionalism – we remain professional at all times. Everything discussed is strictly confidential and data is stored and protected in accordance with the current legislation and law. 
  • Honesty – we are open and honest in business, we believe in transparency and will provide our opinions and ideas on situations, guided by the law and legislation. 
  • Respect – we work on the basis or mutual respect. We are there to support you and your business, to provide advice and guidance, but respect that it is your business and at the end of the day, you make the final decisions. 

What makes us different?

  • We love what we do! We love the complexities of businesses and employment matters. We undertake all of our projects with zeal, commitment and dedication. We ensure the best outcome for the client and the delivering the highest standard of support and services. 
  • We tailor our support to the needs of the client. Human Resources/Company Secretarial outsourcing requirements are different for each business. We ensure the service we provide is appropriate to the needs of your business and your desired outcomes. 
  • We are run and managed by an experienced and qualified HR Practitioner and Company SecretaryThis means that we can support your business across a range of disciplines. The disciplines of Human Resource and Company Secretarial have many areas of commonality. Both are entrusted with a Company’s confidential information at the highest level. 
  • In addition to HR and Company Secretarial we also provide Minute Taking and Business Management support. There are many areas in which we can support your business, therefore we also provide general business support and advisory services. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a Company we believe in giving back and therefore each year we pledge to give donations to deserving charities and causes. 

We love to do volunteer days where we provide our time to help different organisations and charities. If you know of anyone who requires some hard labour or support, let us know. We want to use our time as best we can! We’re happy to do anything……we think! 

Our chosen Charity for 2022 is The Isle of Man Cystic Fibrosis Trust who raise money to support people and families on the Isle of Man impacted by CF. 

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